"Parvathi carries her child while working at the MGNREGA worksite. The site does not have a crèche facility as per the norms under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA)"
  • Multiplier effect of MGNREGA

    An extract from - Well Of One's Own: Job Guarantee As Life Guarantee by Pranav P. Das,Featured in Women's Feature Service (http://www.wfsne

  • Job Guarantee As Life Guarantee

    Gumla, a small district in Jharkhand, has had to contend with more than its share of problems. Around 68 per cent of its population is tribal and endemic poverty has contributed to the district e

  • Age no bar for work in MGNREGA

    Fifty four year old Dibla Oraon, a resident of Haruwatoli village in Gumla district, finds out that age is not a factor for obtaining a job card and working for projects under MGNREGA.

  • On the NREGA Trail

    Video Documentary on NREGA Scheme

    The documentary brings out the voices of those who have benefited by the scheme

  • MGNREGA empowers rural women

    Uploaded on Jul 22, 2011
    Women from Mughalpura, Haryana have improved their earnings and opportunities due to the MGNREGA.

  • A quick overview of PACS MGNREGA campaign

    A commentary on the MGNREGA campaign and its progress so far in Bihar and Jharkhand by Gurjeet Singh, who is leading the training on the community audit processes of the campaign.

  • Social Audit

    Images from the ground

  • What is the MGNREGA Campaign

    Johnson Topno, State Manager of Jharkhand speak about the MGNREGA Campaign and how it contributes to the larger mandate of PACS and its work

  • A song of change

    When a social security scheme becomes a social process, the socially excluded community starts to own and drive it. The first give away sign of this happening in a low literacy community is the